Thursday, October 27, 2005

The day that was!!!

First time i saw so much rain in my city,ya my beloved city!!The day began early with me not realising the intensity of the rains outside and i jus looked out of my window and I smiled.Ya smiled because I had a reason to take off from work and do things I like doing.Enjoy mom's food,sleep cozily for hours and then have chat with people at home over a cup of tea.But as always things didnt turn out that way.My parents had to go to a wedding of the neighbour's son and they came pretty late by when yours truly had gone to sleep.When I got up I realised there has been a power cut for more than a couple of hours and by then I had caught up a bad cold and was just wondering why things had to turn out this way.Well am still waiting for my day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pathetic state of affairs

Before posting this article which i came across in one website i would like to make it very clear so that no idiot just twists the whole case to his benefit..I found this article funny not because of the religion that they were talking about but because i think what the person proclaims is totally anti islam;i have quite a few Islamic friends who are really nice people and am sure they wouldn't stand by this article.

Spread over many acres in the heart of I-8 (a posh residential area in Islamabad where the price of a 60' by 90' plot is around 20 million rupees), the Jamia Mosque Quba is run by Jamat-ud Dawa [JD], which is popularly, though wrongly, identified as the Lashkar-e-Taiba -- the largest network of Pakistani militants fighting in Indian Kashmir.
A visitor to the mosque on any Friday at 1 pm will see a long queue of brand new vehicles in which the rich of the twin cities [Islamabad and Rawalpindi] come for the Friday sermon. Some come from the adjoining cities.
Why do they take this trouble when there is no dearth of mosques in their vicinity?
Because they get the opportunity of listening to Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, the number two in JD's hierarchy who travels every Friday from Lahore to give a sermon and lead the Friday prayers.
An eloquent orator, Makki has the power to draw tears from his listeners. Last Friday [October 21] this correspondent attended his sermon.
Quoting numerous Koranic verses, Makki justified the earthquake as a punishment of Allah on the sinful.

Ridiculed seismologists who rationalized the quake on scientific grounds, he said: 'You are saying that the earthquake has occurred because the plates beneath the earth have dislocated. Oh foolish scientists, don't you know that the plates could have never moved without Allah's order? Human beings' knowledge is nothing before Allah who is the creator of the universe. Whatever knowledge you have today is due to His will. You could have learnt nothing had Allah not wished so!' He urged the scientists to seek Allah's forgiveness instead of being proud of their so-called knowledge.
'Oh unwise people open Koran. It tells you how so many nations before you were annihilated by Allah through natural disasters when they crossed the limits and refuted His blessings. Don't you learn a lesson from the Jews? They are the worst receiver of Allah's wrath because they flayed His commandments blatantly.'
Declaring natural calamities as Allah's army, Makki said: 'Allah would order His soldiers -- earthquakes, storms, plaques, droughts, and hurricanes -- to invade the disobedient. Thus He would serve a reminder on the survivors i.e. they should abandon vice and adopt virtue.'
'The earthquake is a reprimand to the rulers on their un-Islamic policies e.g. recognition of Israel; maligning jihad and ditching the jihadis; ridiculing jihab; perverting society with obscenity by urging women to work with men in all spheres of life; secularizing the curriculum, etc. Oh foolish rulers, did you ever give it a thought that Islamabad had many towers but only one collapsed? Because Allah did not want all of you to die! He has given you another chance. Avail it and become his obedient beings.'

Criticizing Musharraf's development agenda, Makki said: 'By 2007, Musharraf had to take off veil from women's faces and force them to run with men on road in semi-nude state. He had to put them in dance classes. The quake has perished his plans! Now he has become a beggar. He has to beg continuously for 10 years to rebuild the quake-hit areas!'
Reminding Musharraf that his decision to outlaw jihadi outfits was myopic, Makki said: 'The world has seen that these banned jihadis reached where the army or the US Chinook could not reach and provided relief to thousands of people. Jihadis are not afraid of bans. They are the soldiers of Allah. They will continue to help the people. Nobody can stop them!'
Urging the rulers to reject the aid by the international community and secular NGOs, he said: 'Remember brothers, by accepting their aid, you will lose your honor. You will become their slaves. They will ask you to follow their evil agenda. The UN, the US, and the EU are not the friends of humanity. They are the worst enemies of the Muslims. You should seek help from Allah only.'

Makki claimed that the JD alone could undertake the entire relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation work.
'Only the four districts have been devastated. The rest of the country is in the protection of Allah. The 150 million people can feed and shelter all the earthquake victims. I ask the government to hand over the charge of relief work to JD. We -- the mujahideen -- would do everything alone in minimum time.'
Makki reminded his followers that the Muslims' glory was in jihad. As long as they dedicated money and sons for jihad, they ruled the world. They were trapped in the quagmire of humiliation when they abandoned jihad.
'We can rise again. We can rule the world again. I give you a simple recipe. Donate money and sons for jihad and your glorious days will return. The entire world will be under your control. Bush and Blair will become your slaves and lick your boots.'

PS:Am sure Allah is not the cruel kind to punish so many innocent people...wish Muslims all over the world just stand up against such absurd propaganda that shows a religion which is one of epitome of kindness in really poor light.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Getting old

This weekend i got a call from one of my schooltime friends saying her marriage is fixed up for sometime in march.I got a little nostalgic thinking about those wonderful days at school.My typical day would be getting up at 7 in the morning cribbing about the hectic day am about to face and reaching school at nine.Classes used to happen and my teachers were all more or less nice people though i had some grudges against some then,but looking back now i guess they were really sweet people compared to some of the people i get to meet now.Then the evening would go off playing with my friends and max i might study for a couple of hours before i wind my long day with a well deserved sleep.Well i guess thats how i felt then.And when this call came i was rudely brought to reality.Its been some 6 years i passed out of school and cant believe how much life has changed.Typically my day starts pretty early,trying to achieve my dreams by slogging it out and then managing work and then getting back home and then again work on things...most often i jus sleep in my desk and half asleep get to bed and wake up without much time to gather myself up.In between all this i have to squeeze in time for my parents esp my mom who doesnt seem to understand i am as helpless as her for not spending dad is a lot more understanding ( or i guess it was his dream to see me this busy that he is finally smiling).Coming back to the phone call ..she was one who was in the same group in my class cant imagine i was passionate about such frivolous things then..guess thats life.Guess she should be around 22-23 and i also heard a couple more had gotten married and am sure i am not updated about some people.I find it funny people are getting married because i still see myself as a kid who has jus finished college though i have to admit i have a couple of grey streaks now which werent there till i was in college.Guess am growing up but wish it was jus metaphorical and not literally.
I am still wondering if the girl whom i had a crush on when in school had gotten married!!well some things dont change!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Being a bond fan I did like this

uhh...Bond is the name...James Bond !!! indeed....!A very confident James Bond walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman. He gives her a quick glance, then casually looks at his watch for a moment.The women notices this and asks, "Is your date running late?" "No," he replies, "Q has just given me this state-of-the-art watch. I was just testing it."The intrigued woman says, "A state-of-the-art watch? What's so special about it?"Bond explains, " It uses alpha waves to talk to me telepathically." The lady says, "What's it telling you now?""Well, it says you're not wearing any p*nties...." The woman giggles and replies, "Well it must be broken because I am wearing p*nties!"Bond smirks, taps his watch and says, "Bloody thing's an hour fast."

Why do people behave weird??

Over a last couple of months I have seen a few people behaving weird.well am not talking about any national issue of importance but am just talking about a few friends of mine.They are like typical politicians(no offence meant guys) who become the epitome of goodness one day and the following week they do all the things they claimed were not good.And I dont wanna restrict the topic of discussion to my friends alone.a lot of us do it over a varied period of time.Why do we do it...why does our brain tend to forget the very things that it claimed were bad at another point of time and make us do it;I am looking around me for answers.hope I do get one.

Friday, October 21, 2005


hey in my previous post had forgotten to mention Aarthi who had taken pains in convincing me not to apologies

Shud saddam be punished!!!!!!

Shoud Saddam be punished:Sujatha, who happens to be my cousin has recounted one of her experiences when the war broke out and i never realised things were this bad till i read much for being cousins i guess....I never knew my uncle could handle so much heart goes out for all the people who suffered because of Saddam but i just wonder if the Bushes and the Musharrafs deserve any better treatment!!

What am I doing in life??

this is something that i have been asking myself for last few days typical week goes off with my preparations for Cat including all those early hours trying to get things into my mind when it sounds logical to doze off in sleep......the time at work goes off thinking managing work so that i can get the work ex advantage going if i make thru to the interviews.....actually i think thats the only thing that had stopped me from quitting and at the end of the day sometimes when u are pretty tired a wild thought jus wanders past ur mind asking u if it is worth it at the end of the day??.........and for all those guys who have had similar thoughts in u a quote by Robin Sharma " if ur mind is capable of dreaming something it is very much capable of getting it......." again coming to the point am i really capable of being a good manager whn i cud have very well passed it away as my own intelligence rather than quoting him.......only time will answer!!!

Here I am

Woh woh woh....hardly a few months before i had thought it to be stupid to have a blog and had thought of it to be a waste of time but things do change quickly and here i am creating a new blog for myself and 3 cheers to me for having given quite a creative caption by my standards....and u wonder why am saying this: it jus gives an insight into the person i am,plain simple and jus cant see things thats not in front of me!!