Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Greg Get the message else you wouldnt have one

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A little consolation!!

Grammar God!

You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

Congratulations! If your mission in life
is not already to preserve the English tongue,
it should be. You can smell a grammatical
inaccuracy from fifty yards. Your speech is
revered by the underlings, though some may
blaspheme and call you a snob. They're just
jealous. Go out there and change the world.

How grammatically correct are you? (Revised with answer key)
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Friday, November 25, 2005

Wish this was true!!!

'Men love challenge, women fear failure'
Source: DPA.
Image Source: IS Amsterdam, Nov 25:
Men in management positions seek out challenging tasks aware of the risks involved while women tend to be wary of failure, according to a new study by a Dutch woman psychologist.

"Men like to do important things, while women like to do things properly," Irene de Pater, 36, writes in a doctoral thesis presented at the University of Amsterdam."Of course, I am concerned that this will confirm prejudices," De Pater told the Volkskrant newspaper, adding that the full story had more nuances.But she said her research showed that women were more reluctant than men to take on challenging tasks in an environment in which modern firms were giving their top employees more freedom and responsibility in developing their management skills.As part of her thesis, De Pater set up an experiment in which men and women could choose from a range of tasks, including three challenging and seven more routine assignments.Although under no pressure in terms of choice, the women were keener on the less challenging tasks, while men were less enthusiastic about them, she found."Women tended to play safe. They did not want to fail. Men were a bit more daring, showing more bravura in their behaviour," De Pater said.Taking into account the fact that many management tasks are undertaken by a team rather than an individual, De Pater then set up a second experiment, putting together men and women who had chosen the same assignment.

The two-person team then had to decide between themselves who would carry out which aspects. Here again the men chose the more challenging aspects."This was not because men were better at negotiating. Women were just as aware that challenging tasks made a greater contribution to their management potential," De Pater said."Nevertheless the pattern was repeated. Women avoided risk, while men wanted to demonstrate how good they are. Men took on the risk of failure because they knew that they could only get ahead by completing risky assignments successfully," she said.The researcher insisted that discrimination in the workplace remained a problem."But I merely wanted to show that there is one aspect for which women are themselves responsible," De Pater said."My study shows that women are ambitious enough, but they do not always behave in a way that makes for forging a career effectively in this society."If women are more pro-active, they will have more opportunities."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

What the hell is happening in India??

The other day i was just casually surfing the tv channels when in headlines today they showed a dad crying for his son's death.I actually presumed there was some accident that happened or something.But after a few seconds i just realised an IIM-L alumni Manjunathan had paid his life for integrity and doing his job right.He was working in IOC and he got killed by a gang of petrol bunk owners who were affected by his sincerity...May his soul REST IN PEACE for doing something he believed in and i am having doubts now if i would have done the same having seen the consequences.

Post Mortem i was just wondering what the hell are the so called intellectual leadership doing in the country.I have high regards for both the president and the prime minister but am losing the respect I had now.These guys go on putting one charter plan after another but how many more young guys u wanna lose....FYI the next day the Petroleum Minister wants to settle his personal scores with ONGC chairman and wants to strip it of its Navratna status....I am disgusted that he didnt order a major crackdown.....

Monday, November 21, 2005

Indian Cricket!!!

I am one of those very few guys who still want Ganguly to make a strong come back but this article is not gonna be about him but about others in the team who claim they have become world beaters with just another home win...
Case 1:
I personally dont think dravid is a captain whom i would rate along with the likes of steve waugh or fleming..........he is more of our old Azhar who is very laid back in the field.He is too nice a person to be a captain I guess.Reasons for these statements being the way he captained the first 2 matches versus south africa....Agreed things went on well against Srilanka but that was because of some splendid individual performance and not because of any tight situtations which required great thinking on the spur of the moment.Jus look what happened in the first match when the last few overs the bowling was done by tendulkar and yuvraj cud have been tried and tendulkar was gifting a boundary every over and in the second match i jus dont understand why part timers were tried when agarkar,pathan and rp singh had around 10 overs between them.That is the ruthlessness that I think they lack and I think thats what ganguly had jus like the australians.
My vote:Dravid is not a good captain!!!

Case 2:
This would be brief I guess.This is about sachin ,after the first match people were all praises for him but his performance after that has been disgusting to say the least and this comes from a person who was his ardent admirer till some 2 years before.I think sachins days are over.also look at the way he bowled the other day the old magic is no more working...

Case 3:

this is something i have found absurd and i find it even more confusing because no one in the press has talked about this.Why is Zaheer not there in the team when Agarkar is there??Why is Agarkar given so many chances when saurav cant be given??I thinkhe came into the scene some 6 years before and first year and a half he did bowl well but after that i dont think he is worth a place in the team when he gives on an average some 5 runs an over,he doesnt bowl those lethal yorkers and not great with the bat,what he does bajji can do claiming to be a the f**k can Zaheer not be there when this guy is there??Isn't this appying different standards to different people that Ganguly was accused of??Aren't Chappell and Dravid doing the same thing...Why is Balaji not there??Is agarkar given a place because he is a good friend of the formerly great Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar..I remember kambli being given so many chances and i think it was because he flew a kite with tendulkar when they were kids(sarcasm intended) and when sachin was a captain half the Indian team was from Mumbai......I cant help laughing at these people who accuse saurav of a lot of things but they are doing worse to indian cricket.To his credit Saurav has not selfishly promoted anyone jus because he knows them personally.

To wind up I am just waiting for the day when the same team having created so much hype gets raped in WACA or Wanderers against a freaking 4 pace attack and I would have the last laugh.

Sachin:Not the player he used to be
Sehwag:Still the same old player might jus be a little unlucky thats all but he is a world beater any day
Dravid:has been getting bowled a lot of times which never used to happen,only grouse is he is not a captain who can do well in crisis
Kaif:Still as susceptible to short ball,getting caught at midwicket and getting lbw early in the innings
Pathan:Seems to have an awesome sense of timing with the bat..but pray his bowling still remains as good as it used to be
Dhoni:Seems to be our answer to Gilchrist but yet to be tested against australia and england now..if it goes well he is a real find
Yuvraj:lot of flair and class,still suspect to good spin like that of Murali but would scrap through since there arent many quality spinners.But someone whom you can trust when everything else has flopped
Agarkar:jus doesn't deserve a place in the team
Harbhajan:has proved again he is a great bowler and seems to be in good touch with the bat
Karthik:deserves a place in the squad but not sure about the team ,could be a second spinner till a better one is found since he doesnt have great control
JP Yadav:good bowler for one day matches
RP Singh:i just love this guy,has a kiddish face bowls really well just see the bounce he extracts out of indian pitches fields really well for indian pacers.Good find
Raina:looks to be really matured and cool head,should be groomed to be in middle order,awesome fielder along with yuvraj and kaif.My shout he should be the future indian captain!!

The day Derrida bowled me over

Yesterday had taken up CAT!!Was pretty much expecting a surprise but hats off to these guys for having sprung a googly inspite of expecting it.Apart from that the day was pretty normal...a few anxious moments here and there and am still wondering how life is gonna turn up!!Well it was also a day when i realised gaming theory wasnt anything to with some war games that Israelis and Americans perform in Operation desert storm but its got something to do with psychology.Was haunted by the different answer keys that people were publishing.I thank all those people who had wished for my good irrespective of how things turn out!!!
I would come up with a detailed description later!!