Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ramblings @ 4 AM

Its 4 Am rite now and am awake on a Saturday night and well am not partying for one!! Its been 2 terms in this place much has changed over the last few months!! a lot of big things apparently look smaller,hardly anything shakes me up, new people have become known people and there is one striking difference between life now n when in engineering. The whole summer process was a revelation in itself!! Loads of realities were stirred up and brought to the forefront,many a character was tested and many a soul shown what they were really made of. This is so much different from what used to be in engineering. The unfortunate part is everyone forgot that it was a level playing field, each one here deserved to be in , in his/her own way and that was taken for granted. The age old immature assumption of academic brilliance transforms into potential professional success was also proven a farce!! (And i love this more than anything else).
At this point i think the definition of success is very important!!
Quite a significant number suffer from the herd mentality that finance is what smart ones do and marketing is for free riders of the campus!! I cant help but think of the term Marketing Myopia in this context. For those who decide on what to do by thinking what sounds cool to the world or what gets you more money...think twice!! Because fmcg marketing used to be the most sought after job in b-school campuses a decade before and if you tell people now to allow more than a bunchful of fmcg companies in premium slot u might even get debarred from the process!! Digressing from my point ...there are very ppl who are sure,atleast now, about what they want and hence chose it. Hats off to the few guys who stuck to what they wanted and hanged on to get it!! But the unfortunate part is that even if you are in a premium b school the fear of failure or insecurity drives you to do something that you actually never really preferred. If the safe n secure campus doesnt give one the guts to take that iota of a risk I wonder where we the manager population are heading!!