Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The last time i posted was sometime back in july when i thought I would make an effort to blog regularly. But life has its own ways and I pretty much assumed that the death knell was cast on this page. But when watching Headlines Today today, a programme on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, somewhere i started searching for this space, the place which is my space to speak my mind.
During the terror attack days, I was not too bothered to write a trivial blog. But today I happened to see the letter the father of the person whom Major Sandeep had saved and I felt ashamed.
I am ashamed at my own selfishness,
my own mindlessness in life
lack of meaning which used to exist when I was a kid.
Dont understand what it takes to take bloody ownership of the jobs that politicians got to do and execute it. The god damn political junta in the country need to learn to run the country as a corporate and assume each citizen is a share-holder whom they would have to answer every quarter. But that would be too much of a hassle rite, can hear murmurs, in a country where a surname is an entitlement to become the prime minister, in a country where creating a communal divide is the prime-ministerial aspirant's biggest cv point!!
Dont really know where all these thoughts go. But its us to blame.
Salute you guys who laid down your lives in the line of duty!! God bless you!!

And if any of you wonder what is the connection between the title and the post-
after seeing all this am i supposed to believe god exists?
well the atheists would say there is no god because of the destruction caused, whereas the theists would say it was the god tht send people like sandeep or karkare to save the rest!!
But I would say people like sandeep or karkare behaved like GOD that day!!
Everyone has a chance to be a GOD or a DEVIL every moment in this world, it's upto each one to choose what they want to be.
(PS: impressions of anbe sivam can be seen in the last few lines. Courtesy kamal hasan it is a movie which has left indelible marks in my thinking)