Saturday, September 15, 2007

random blabbering

Well this is a weird feel, I hate to admit. This holiday was too damn short and I spent almost the entire time sleeping. And all set to leave in some 6 hours, I don’t like the way I am feeling right now. My mom still has a few tears when I tell her I gonna be back only in March. My neighbor tells me that my dad told him sometime before that he thought it was a mistake to have let me go to xlri and he feels lonely at times. Well I am caught between these emotions, I pretty much love my parents and I also long to get back to XL. Life has been weird; it’s not been all that rosy, made some enemies, a few friends, some whom might be friends for life. Well I don’t know, it’s all confusing emotions. XL has been loads of fun; think the best part about it has been…well honestly I don’t know. It did surely change me in some aspects, well for one I danced on stage the first time ever, but nevertheless am sure if I want all this madness and craze about career leaving behind so many things in life. I would like to go back home to my family, it’s never been like they have inhibited my freedom to do anything that I desperately need to live alone to enjoy life (well apart from a bearable dosage of eat at home da…don’t eat out so much, not good for health). Well am feeling guilty about the fact that maybe am selfish in just looking at my happiness and blurting out quite a few times that college is fun and I love to get back to my parents. But to be honest I do miss the place and my parents. Wish life wasn’t about compromises.


Monday, September 03, 2007

back again

well after all the laziness it took an end term to make me blog again!!! well thats me...
well couldnt help loitering around the corridor and seeing the boys all throwing jargon randomly in all directions and thinking that i have made one good decision!!!
talking of good decisions in life? is thr anything called a good decision? i think its only a matter of time before you realise how bad the decision has been..sometimes you end up confronting death before you can realise, a morose thought to have at 6:53 am but couldnt help!!