Monday, February 13, 2006

whats happening

Happened to travel to Delhi for the first time though didn’t get to see around much. Went to Priya’s and had a snack and was loafing around with Peggy and another guy called Kartik.Went to TGIF and had a decent time there. But the important thing is I was sure by then Delhi has a better female crowd than Bombay. Awesome folks…Happened to bump into a real pretty girl at TGIF who was trying to do some survey crap there. who cares she was cute and tried my best to get into a conversation with her but guess she would have seen enough people like me I guess she politely tried to avoid things. My bad luck with girls continue….

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ouch that hurt!!!

Well this week had been pretty nice.After a long time there had been some good news(more abt it later) ..but as usual everything needs to come to an end...shudn't they?? a couple of incidents that happened today with 2 different people did really hurt.I usually trust someone till am proved wrong and the two people who were involved,I had huge amount of good will on them..but there was one commonality abt the whole....both sounded very casual when they said it.I am sure i would think twice before I get into that kind of a deal but i thought i got pretty muich of an unfair I being taken for granted??should i have said something back?? probably some 4 years before I would have done that..but not is pretty big for such small things i think.But does that mean I should take this nonsense...Am confused!!