Thursday, June 08, 2006

Long time!!

Ya I know it’s been a long time since I have blogged. Nothing specific has been keeping me occupied but just that I didn’t feel like it. The last one month has been bliss and its all coming to an end. All I had been doing have been catching up with people, going out, partying and sleeping!! And now with jus another 4 days away to bid adieu to a lot of things, I have a pretty weird feel…a lot of new things and what I had been aspiring to do, when its finally happening I don’t know if am best prepared for the whole process!! But the person I am I know I will manage with all the new stuff…and I don’t want u guys to nod and tell me “ well that’s life my boy, you need to get used to things changing fast”. Not that I don’t agree to it but am still entitled to say I prefer the comfort zones have been in for 23 years. Well looking back I would be leaving behind my family and apart from them have only a very few friends back in madras. That’s probably a blessing in disguise that not many people would actually be in town anyways but not that I wouldn’t miss the ones still back here!! I just hope all the right people get the message!!