Monday, December 19, 2005

Miss you guys!!

My blogging is becoming infrequent nowadays…a lot of things going through my mind right now. Life has become a lot complex than how it was.That was when I got nostalgic about those college days. My class was unique in its own way. It was an all boys class and almost everyone regretted for being in that kind of a class. But over a period of few months we started enjoying our moments together. It was a lot easier as there used to be no inhibitions in any of the words uttered….It was a neat gang…most of the times would end up holding my stomach after having laughed continuously for a long time…..Now each person is up his own way trying to realize some purpose behind his existence. Still we somehow try to catch up in whatever little way we can as possible and still long for those wonderful days to return..I know it wont but it atleast makes me feel better that I had my share of those wonderful moments in life….Really thank all you guys who made it a wonderful time and sure wanna relive those moments whenever possible!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saurav is the King!!!!

Saurav you were bowled only by an under-arm delivery from Mr.Greg Chappell.It was cheap politics by greg and am real ashamed that the so called BCCI team hasnt even an issued an apology for Mr.Greg showing his middle finger to the Kolkata crowd.I have specifically mentioned BCCI team because the same board had said that it was a private entity or rather a trust kinda thing to the Supreme Court.I am just wondering how the word INDIA is still present in the kits of the team.Any one on for a legal suit??you will get my support....and Saurav you are above all these cheap would always be fondly remembered by your fans like me for having shown what self respect is and team spirit is......

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sachin-arent u selfish??

Mr.Sachin where are you????cant imagine this gentleman of cricket didnt realise that the light was bad till the ball he scored his century and the next ball he takes the bad light appeal...God bless these fanatic Indian fans who dont see through his attitude...and Mr.Greg you are barking at the wrong door!!!