Saturday, May 08, 2010

Final countdown

Next week this time, I would be a different man I guess. In the recent past every person I meet has asked me if am nervous, jittery blah blah- compared to the workload I have had, actually prefer the butterflies :) Works been pathetically stressful- dont know why things I used to enjoy sometime back is irritating nowadays.

I had moved into a new house this week. Nice apartment- in the 18th floor- the balcony view is brilliant in the night. Gets me freaked out at times when I look down from the balcony, but what the heck.
Ya after the bad week am having a great weekend. Woke up today after a good sleep, had an early lunch with the TV on...these are the times for which you work for :)

Friday, October 30, 2009


I had wanted to write this post when I was going home for Diwali, but was too busy looking forward to crackers and food that I didnt and after that is what is called a 'month end'-month end is what is called in sales lingo the coming to the end of a month which would correlate to happiness to anyone logically for a variety of reasons chief amongst them being getting the salary..but not to a sales guy- its the most horrific period of the month if not life- would tell the various things that happens on the sales closing day-wake up, grab breakfast-if you dont you risk dying of starvation since you may not get to eat again, on way to work you would get some hajaar messages from boss , if you have supporting parents-you would get good luck messages along with mom's prayer. Then the day starts- your phone would be incessantly busy that a samsung guru battery would be put to shame. You vocabulary of the choicest of expletives gets better with the day as lady luck would eventually screw you-no wonder they call it lady luck, interesting!! Not to digress , on that day your hand would be automatically coordinated to keep hitting the refresh button, hoping that the sales has increased.( ya i see all you sales guys sighing) God is great, if not for the month end, I dont think the chaaiwaalas get their bonus. And you bloody slog all your way to do the number and your boss says as a matter of fact( for a choice of better expression) to see if you can stretch more :) and your choice of expletives gets even more refined.

Well to come back to the topic of this post- am going to enlist the 10 strong(est) emotions have faced in my life, I guess, when growing up and am sure everyone would have gone through some of this i guess
  1. Throwing your bag off as soon as your annual exams have gotten over as if you have cracked a lottery and life is going to be bliss after that
  2. Itching to run away to your Games/Sports/PT class since the previous two hours
  3. Butterflies that you get when you talking to an 'interesting' girl
  4. Your birthday when you were in school, when you would put on your birthday dress and distribute chocolates in class
  5. The day of receiving report card when your parents would come to collect it- and you dreading that nothing goes wrong even if you are the class topper
  6. Seeing a girl,you interested in, talking to a 'boy' laughingly
  7. Watching the uncensored version of 'Titanic' when you were in class 7
  8. Crying after losing an inter-house game and then thinking 'Life is unfair'
  9. Getting your first 'BSA' cycle when you were in class 5 or 6
  10. Knowing the school is shut down for the day because of cyclones expected and there being the clearest sky in Chennai for you to play the whole day

Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali :)

Home for diwali :)
nothing to beat this feeling of being home. The only festival that I truly look forward to. The crackers,sweets,meeting up cousins,bursting more crackers,thalaivar movie release,sun tv putham pudhu thiraipadam,mom's food.....
happy diwali to everyone.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

once more am back :)

hello readers
er it doesnt matter even if there is none...
i havent posted for the last 9 months because:
  1. My job has kept me busy
  2. I was lazy
  3. I didnt feel like it
  4. I was a little pissed that i didnt want the world to know abt
  5. er no one gives a fcuk abt my blog
  6. i forgot how to access my account
  7. have been reading too much
  8. life is too happening to blog and all
  9. if i blog my boss would think am quite jobless and dump me with more work
  10. someone warned me not to blog


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The last time i posted was sometime back in july when i thought I would make an effort to blog regularly. But life has its own ways and I pretty much assumed that the death knell was cast on this page. But when watching Headlines Today today, a programme on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, somewhere i started searching for this space, the place which is my space to speak my mind.
During the terror attack days, I was not too bothered to write a trivial blog. But today I happened to see the letter the father of the person whom Major Sandeep had saved and I felt ashamed.
I am ashamed at my own selfishness,
my own mindlessness in life
lack of meaning which used to exist when I was a kid.
Dont understand what it takes to take bloody ownership of the jobs that politicians got to do and execute it. The god damn political junta in the country need to learn to run the country as a corporate and assume each citizen is a share-holder whom they would have to answer every quarter. But that would be too much of a hassle rite, can hear murmurs, in a country where a surname is an entitlement to become the prime minister, in a country where creating a communal divide is the prime-ministerial aspirant's biggest cv point!!
Dont really know where all these thoughts go. But its us to blame.
Salute you guys who laid down your lives in the line of duty!! God bless you!!

And if any of you wonder what is the connection between the title and the post-
after seeing all this am i supposed to believe god exists?
well the atheists would say there is no god because of the destruction caused, whereas the theists would say it was the god tht send people like sandeep or karkare to save the rest!!
But I would say people like sandeep or karkare behaved like GOD that day!!
Everyone has a chance to be a GOD or a DEVIL every moment in this world, it's upto each one to choose what they want to be.
(PS: impressions of anbe sivam can be seen in the last few lines. Courtesy kamal hasan it is a movie which has left indelible marks in my thinking)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Long time no see

Its been a good time since the last time i blogged!! Well as any human being i have my own reasons (er..isnt it actually excuses??) honestly i dont think my blog is half as interesting as a lot of blogs i do read. That is one single big reason as to why i have not blogged often. But what the heck this is my space and i get it for free and have taken a vow hence to write regularly.
Dont care if noone reads, I have time and a data card now for myself and am staying alone in a good city with no company to party :(

Saturday, September 15, 2007

random blabbering

Well this is a weird feel, I hate to admit. This holiday was too damn short and I spent almost the entire time sleeping. And all set to leave in some 6 hours, I don’t like the way I am feeling right now. My mom still has a few tears when I tell her I gonna be back only in March. My neighbor tells me that my dad told him sometime before that he thought it was a mistake to have let me go to xlri and he feels lonely at times. Well I am caught between these emotions, I pretty much love my parents and I also long to get back to XL. Life has been weird; it’s not been all that rosy, made some enemies, a few friends, some whom might be friends for life. Well I don’t know, it’s all confusing emotions. XL has been loads of fun; think the best part about it has been…well honestly I don’t know. It did surely change me in some aspects, well for one I danced on stage the first time ever, but nevertheless am sure if I want all this madness and craze about career leaving behind so many things in life. I would like to go back home to my family, it’s never been like they have inhibited my freedom to do anything that I desperately need to live alone to enjoy life (well apart from a bearable dosage of eat at home da…don’t eat out so much, not good for health). Well am feeling guilty about the fact that maybe am selfish in just looking at my happiness and blurting out quite a few times that college is fun and I love to get back to my parents. But to be honest I do miss the place and my parents. Wish life wasn’t about compromises.